School Services

Students seeking free travel via the Department of Education are advised to contact the relavent school bus coordinator. For more information you can also visit the Department of Transport Website.

Industry Leading Provider 

Bacchus Marsh Coaches and Christian's Bus Co. are an industry leading provider of bus services to primary and secondary school throughout Victoria. The company offers several specific services based on the needs of schools and students:

  • Morning and afternoon school services   
  • Bus charters to excursions and events
  • School camps and tours

School Bus Services

Bacchus Marsh Coaches have a number of school bus service centres that meet the daily travel needs of students in Victoria. 

Bus Charters

Bacchus March Coaches comprehensive and well maintained fleet comprises more than 100 buses, providing you with a flexible, safe and reliable option for school transfers, excursions or trips. There are several sizes and types of vehicles available.

School Camps & Tours

We have extensive knowledge in new and existing school camp destinations. There is no replacement for driver familiararity, and our drivers boast years of bus driving experience to a large range of school camp destinations within Victoria. Some of the more popular destinations include:
  • Queenscliff
  • Anglesea
  • Melbourne
  • Grampians
  • Canberra
  • Mt Gambier

Just to name a few... please call us to receive a quote to charter the bus to a destination of your choice - 1800 660 530.

Request A Quote

We also operates school bus services on behalf of the following private schools. For information regarding these services, we encourage you to contact the schools directly via the numbers provided.

Heathdale Christian College

Please contact the school directly on (03) 9749 1522

Al Taqwa College

Please contact the school directly on (03) 9269 5000


Bacchus Marsh to Gisborne Secondary College (service is currently not taking any further passengers)


Bacchus Marsh Coaches are a part of the Christian's Bus Group